When is a Car Considered Totaled?

Car Accident on Highway

From time to time, you may hear drivers refer to their car as having been “totaled.” But what is the car totaled meaning? When is a car considered totaled? The good news is that the answer is fairly straightforward. If the cost to repair a vehicle exceeds its total value, then it’s considered totaled. The dollar amount that car repairs must exceed a vehicle’s value in order to be considered totaled varies from state to state. With that in mind, read through more of our service tips below! 

Car Totaled Meaning: Signs a Car is Totaled

After an accident, you may find yourself asking, “When is a car considered totaled?” If any of the following apply to your vehicle, there’s a strong chance it’s a total loss and considered totaled:

  • As mentioned above, if repair costs exceed the vehicle’s value, then the car is totaled. 
  • If your vehicle is inoperable due to leaking fluids, bent or damaged parts, or you can’t see the road clearly, more than likely the repair costs will be higher than the price to replace the vehicle. 
  • You drive a car that is older than five years from the date of production, and the frame is significantly damaged. Frame repairs are quite expensive, so taking on this project for an older model is often not cost-effective. 
  • Your vehicle has reached an age where most repair bills outweigh its value. 
  • You’ve racked up a lot of miles. High mileage vehicles can be worth less than models with fewer miles, so significant repairs may not be worth the price. 

What to Do if Your Car is Totaled in an Accident 

If you’ve been involved in an accident during your commute from Lincoln to Omaha, you’ll want to reach out to your insurance agent and file a claim right away. Based on the estimated costs of repairs, your insurance provider will determine if a car is totaled. If your car is deemed totaled, your insurance company will provide you with a payment for your vehicle’s cash value at the time of the accident. This value is set by the age, mileage, and condition of your vehicle along with other factors. Finally, the deductible on your collision and comprehensive insurance coverage will be deducted from that figure.

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Now that you understand the car totaled meaning, you can rely on our Crete service team to help you gain all sorts of service knowledge. If you’re looking for ways to take on wear and tear, learn what causes tires to wear unevenly and even discover how to remove battery corrosion with Sid Dillon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram! Our mission is to make sure all of your Seward travels remain smooth. 

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