How To Reset a RAM 1500 Check Engine Light

If you need to reset your RAM 1500 check engine light, you’re in the right place. Sid Dillon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is always happy to help Crete drivers with helpful automotive tips and tricks. Keep reading, and soon you’ll know how to reset a RAM 1500 check engine light and be back on Lincoln roads. If you need help, contact us.

Steps To Reset a RAM 1500 Check Engine Light

There’s no reason to worry. It’s easy to reset a RAM 1500 check engine light. Simply do the following:

  • Open your hood and locate the battery
  • Disconnect the negative cable from the battery
  • Wait for 20 minutes
  • Reconnect the negative cable on your battery

This should reset the computer in your RAM 1500. In some older models, you might need to drive the truck for up to 50 miles around Omaha to reset the computer. Note that disconnecting the battery will not only reset the computer but will most likely also reset the security system and other electronic systems inside your truck.

As you can see, it’s simple to reset a RAM 1500 check engine light, but the crucial part is knowing why the light came on in the first place!

Why Is My Check Engine Light On?

There are many reasons why the check engine light on your RAM 1500 may illuminate. It could be any of the following issues:

  1. Confirm it’s the Check Engine Light: The various warning lights in new vehicles can be confusing. Maybe it’s the “Service Required” light, for example. Check your owner’s manual to confirm that it’s the Check Engine light before getting back onto Seward streets.
  2. Remove and Tighten Your Gas Cap: This is probably the most common reason a check engine light comes on. Simply remove your gas cap and carefully replace it, making sure that it is properly sealed. Then, disconnect the battery, reconnect it, and the check engine light should go off.
  3. Check the Engine Codes: The computer in your vehicle generates many error codes that pinpoint what is causing the engine light to illuminate. These error codes can be interpreted with an automotive diagnostic scanner. They can also clear the code and turn off the warning light. You can purchase one of these code readers yourself, but Sid Dillon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram recommends you trust the RAM Certified Technician in our service center to handle it for you.

Trust the Service Experts at Sid Dillon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

If your RAM 1500 check engine light keeps coming on, make a service appointment, so we can see what the issue is. While you’re here, why not explore our new truck inventory? Also, ask about our service specials and parts specials to save yourself some money. Contact us and let us know how we can help!

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